The next steps in your case depend on whether the petition in your name was approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in London, or whether an interview appointment was scheduled for you by National Visa Center (NVC). Keep reading for more information, including information about how to book your medical exam, a list of documents required on the day of your visa interview, and what to do if you need to reschedule your interview appointment date.

If your application is being processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit at the Embassy, you are required to obtain the original or certified copy, and one photocopy (with the exception of your passport and photographs) of the following documents for yourself and each family member applying for a visa. All documents are required even if they were previously submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with your petition.  Please do not submit any documents to NVC.

You are required to bring all of the documents applicable to you to the Embassy on the day of the interview. You must click each section for detailed information regarding documents required.  The failure to bring the correct documents to your interview may result in your application being denied.

If you have been contacted by the Immigrant Visa Unit with a request to upload scanned copies of your documents, please do so as soon as possible before your interview appointment.  If you do not have a scanner, please seek assistance from a friend, relative, librarian or internet café. You must bring the original documents with you to your visa interview.



Appointment Letter and Courier Confirmation Page

Birth Certificate

Adoption Certificate (if applicable)

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Police Certificates for the United Kingdom

Statutory Declaration/Change of Name Deed Poll (if applicable)

Police Certificates for Other Countries (if applicable)

Court and Prison Records (if applicable)

Military Records (if applicable)

Evidence of Support (Affidavit of Support)


Visa Fees

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