Finances and cost of living


A lot of people want to make a change to a new country because of the cost of living in their own country, or the lifestyle that they’ll be able to afford in a different country. Some people find themselves in poverty of facing serious economic hardships in their own country and immigrating will offer them a solution. They seek financial stability. Some cases aren’t as serious, and people simply feel that they will be able to offer their families a better life in a new country. A lot of the time, people in developing countries want to move to an already developed country for a better lifestyle.




Some people decide to make the move abroad based on the services offered either in their home country or in a different country. Service delivery is a big problem in the developing world, and this is generally a much smaller problem (if a problem at all) in developed countries. People want to get away from a country where the waste doesn’t get removed regularly or the sewerage system isn’t in proper working order. This leaves the streets dirty and causes health problems to their families. The country to which they’re immigrating to will most likely offer better services and therefore be much cleaner, and healthier, to live in.




A big factor for immigrating is weather conditions. People either want to escape the weather of their own country or move to a place where the weather suits their lifestyle and tastes better. In the most extreme examples, people want to get away from extreme weather conditions like regular earth quakes, cyclones, tornadoes or even active volcanoes. In less serious circumstances, someone living in a cold country but that really enjoys being outdoors might move to a warmer country. On the other side of the coin, someone whose skin suffers due to a lot of sun exposure might want to move to a country that is more mild and rainy.




Many people decide to immigrate to a country when they start thinking about retirement and see that their own countries don’t look after the retired as well as some other countries around the world. Health service might be cheaper, free, or better in a different country and they are simply offered a better lifestyle as a retired person if they move abroad.




Another major factor motivating immigration is politics. In the most serious examples, people move away from war, armed conflict and terror groups that are active in their country. In less serious cases, people feel that their own countries are badly run or there’s a certain level of political turmoil that they want to get away from. A lot of people loose faith in their own country’s politics and decide to move abroad in order to a avoid an uncertain political future.




Many people move abroad because of their job. Generally, they will be offered higher employment in the new country or have the opportunity to work in a position that was unavailable to them in their home country. Some people move in order to follow a certain career path and others or move for tax purposes. In Dubai, for example, people earn tax-free salaries. In some cases the employer will be the first to suggest a move abroad, transferring the employee to a different branch of the same company.




Last but not the least, is family. Many families find themselves separated by distance and may choose to relocate to another country where love ones has moved to. A common scenario is when a spouse applies for a petition to have their partner and children relocated to their current country of residence. This usually requires them to have been a naturalized citizen of that country before they can apply for the petition.


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