The Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program is currently one of the most popular programs to immigrate to Europe due to its flexibility and various benefits. The program started in October 2012 with the purpose of attracting foreign investments through property investment and capital investments.

  • Applicants and their family have the right to reside, work, and attend school in Portugal
  • Visa-free travel to the 26 Schengen countries in Europe
  • Minimal residency requirement:
    • 1st year: 7 days
    • 2nd and 3rd year: 14 days
    • 4th and 5th year: 14 days
    • After the 5th year: the investor can apply for permanent residency or Portugal/EU citizenship
  • Minor children, overage dependent children, siblings and parents of the applicant who are financially dependent on them can accompany the application
  • Permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship eligibility after 5 years


  • Be 18 years of age or older, no age limit
  • Possess a valid passport and reside legally in a country
  •  Submit a no-criminal record
  • Possess an acknowledged Health Insurance Plan for the duration of the stay
  •  No net worth requirement, No interview
  •  No minimum education level and no management experience requirement


  • No management experience required
  • No language or education credentials required
  • A simple application process
  • Quick processing time to receive residence permits (6-8 months)
  • No strict requirement on Source of Funds
  • Refund 100% of investment after 5 years or flexible schedule of refund based on the desire of Investors
  • Right to reside, do business, study in Portugal
  • Minimum time required to stay in Portugal is on average 7 days per year
  • Travel freely within the Schengen zone
  • Portugal doesn’t charge tax on worldwide income
  • Apply for citizenship easily and be granted EU benefits